Like a Wildfire the Holy Spirit spread through their ranks
— Acts 2:3


As Gas Street we are part of a brand new national festival called Wildfires, being held from 28-30 May 2018. The venue is Wiston House, West Sussex, and the festival will bring communities together from across the country and across the globe, to experience God’s presence. Over 3 days we’ll spend time together partying, praying, worshipping, growing in community and welcoming the Spirit into our midst

Why are we going to wildfires?


We believe that as a Church, we’re a family. Encountering God not just in big tents but around campfires; shared meals and conversations. And we believe in a God who is passionate about communicating; no matter what our age


We’re passionate about deepening existing friendships and forming new ones – connecting with others on the same journey but different paths, delving deeper in faith and encouraging each other as a community


We believe that when we make space to encounter God, He shows up. We’re passionate about creating an encounter culture so that in every part of our time together we are expectant, ready and eager to meet with God

How can I book?

Book onto Wildfires using the link below, to make sure we can all camp together!

There are also opportunities to volunteer for discounted and free tickets, which can be arranged through the Wildfires website

For more information about the festival, visit the Wildfires website here