Congratulations on your engagement!

Gas Street Church is based right in the centre of Birmingham, and is originally the building that provided the gas for the street lamps of Birmingham. With the history, location and amazing interior, this is an excellent place to host your wedding

Your Wedding Enquiry

We want to do everything possible to make your wedding at Gas Street the best possible experience for you and your guests. Therefore, please give as much detail as possible about your wedding using the form below & our team will process your enquiry within 5 working days. Please be aware there is a delay of up to 3 week between receiving the enquiry & approving the wedding date

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact James Brumwell (Events Team Leader) at

Please note dates are not secured until a deposit is received & we are unable to host Wedding Receptions

Wedding Fees*

Publication of Banns of Marriage: £30
Marriage Service - PCC Fee:
Marriage Service - Diocesan Fee:
Certified Copy of entry in Marriage register at the time of registration:
£11 per certificate
Wedding Package:

Total Cost: £646 (plus a £200 Refundable Damage Deposit)

*Please note Wedding Fees are only valid until 31st December of the year the quote is provided
The PCC and Diocesan fees increase on a yearly basis by a few pounds - we will provide a final quote upon receiving the final list of fees at the beginning of the year of your wedding.


Production Fees

Your exact production quote will depend on your requirements and the personnel required to deliver them

If using Auditorium Stage:

Main AV System: £150
(Sound, Lights, Media inc. Mics/Stands/D.I/Cables)

Backline: £80
(Drums, 1x Keyboard, 1x Kemper, 1x Bass D.I)

Snare & Cymbal Hire: £50

Personnel: £300
(FOH Manager, Lights & Media Manager)

Total Cost: £530

If not using Auditorium Stage:

Breakout System: £80
(Small systems for rooms inc. Speaker/Mic/Stand/Cables/TV)

Keyboard Hire: £15

Personnel: £100
(Production Assistant)

Total Cost: £195