Our Production team gets to creatively express themselves through lighting, sound, visuals and stage management. They are a hard working team that is passionate about what they do, building and leading teams plus resourcing many of the ministry areas at Gas Street.

Experiences for the intern will include:

  • Being a part of a fun, hard working, fast moving and innovative team

  • Experience working with volunteers and staff

  • Learn new and improve skills in both small and large production set-ups

  • Push yourself technically and creatively

  • Learn about the role that production plays in the engagement and facilitation of worship for gatherings

  • Understand the role of production in creating an atmosphere where people can encounter the presence of God

  • Explore and develop what it means to mix sound musically and creatively to a high level

  • Opportunities to learn and develop in lighting, film and media


  • Shadowing and helping to lead the production team at small gatherings and on Sundays

  • Learn what it means to grow & develop a team

  • Deliver training to volunteers at varying levels

  • Helping to organise and plan Sundays and other weekly church events with the Worship & Production team and Gas Street Kids team

  • Seeing how everything works behind the scenes

Hopes and goals for the intern year:

  • Our hope is that by the end of of the year, you would be fully equipped and confident to lead a production team and have improved technical, creative and leadership skills.

Who is this for?:

This is for people who are interested in all things production and facilitating worship in the local church. We are looking for those who are passionate, hard-working, teachable & willing to serve in whatever capacity. An ideal candidate will have a general understanding of production across video, lighting, media & sound, and some basic experience.

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