The events team manage and organise what happens in the life of Gas Street. They’re a strategic bunch who like to plan and organise, lead with excellence and ensure every event is a success! It can range from special services to weddings, festivals, music events and much more.

Experiences for the intern will include:

  • Assisting the events team in day-to-day tasks 

  • Hands on experience in organising big church events such as Christmas and festivals

  • Weekly intern meetings where you will have the opportunity to develop both in your faith and skill set

Hopes and goals for the intern year:

  • That you would experience and contribute to a fun team with a big vision, as well as seeing practically what happens behind the scenes at Gas Street Events

  • That you would grow in your personal leadership skills and be better equipped to seek roles in similar organisations

Who is this for?:

This is for someone who is passionate about excellence, willing to serve and wanting to learn more about growing in the area of administration and project management.

Gas Street