See all the ins and outs of what it means to be a worship pastor; from leading worship, leading a team, interacting with other ministry members and other leaders within the church etc.

Experiences for the intern will include:

  • Be part of an fun, hard working, fast moving and innovative team

  • Push yourself creatively and in what it means to be Holy Spirit led

  • Song-writing

  • Worship Interns will also be a part of the Worship Central Academy throughout the year as part of the intern programme


  • Shadowing and leading worship at smaller gatherings and on Sundays

  • Learn what it means to grow & develop a team

  • Helping to organise and plan Sundays and other weekly church events with the Worship & Production team and Gas Street Kids team

  • Seeing how everything works behind the scenes

  • Learn more about production (sound, media etc.)

Hopes and goals for the intern year:

  • Our hope is that by the end of of the year, you would be fully equipped & confident to be a Worship Pastor of a local church

Who is this for?:

This is for emerging leaders who are passionate about fuelling the fire for worship in the local church. We are looking for people who are passionate, hard-working, teachable & willing to serve in whatever capacity

As part of your application, could you please submit a video of yourself singing any worship song of your choice. Ideally you would accompany yourself, but if not, you can have someone else accompany you. A smartphone video is fine - audio quality is the most important thing. Please submit it via a private YouTube video link or via a Cloud storage link. If you are unable to do this please email it directly to tim.muller@gasstreet.org

James Brumwell