Throughout the gospels, you see Jesus come alongside so many different people saying “follow me, learn my ways”

Jesus is still doing this today. This internship year is an opportunity for you to grow in your leadership, calling and intimacy with Jesus. You will learn more about who you are, what He’s calling you into and how you can serve His church

You will be stretched, challenged & encouraged - emotionally and spiritually - and we firmly believe when people step out in faith, Jesus moves through them

Are you up for the adventure?

What are we offering?

Our internship is a chance to serve in our church, but we also want to invest in you as you discover your gifts and call. Each intern will have a primary ministry area they will get involved in, but you will also have a chance to experience local church ministry in a variety of contexts

What internships are available?

We offer internships in the below ministry areas. Click on the images below for details of what each internship involves

How do I apply?

Applications for 2019-20 are now live. Please complete the application form and email it to Tim Muller (Intern Coordinator) at or contact Tim if you would like further information