What is involved in being a part of this GS Team?

There are several different strands to Gas Street Youth from our Sunday 11:30am Younger Youth gathering sessions, to our Friday Night Youth, 'The Oak' on Wednesday's, our Saturday Socials and our GS Team Nights. All have the same traits in that they are chances to build relationships with the Youth, to invest in them and to journey with them through their teenage years and faith

How often do I serve as part of this GS Team?

This depends on which group/s you are able to commit to. For our midweek groups we would be looking for twice a month, our Sundays groups we would be looking for once a month. Ultimately Youth ministry is all about building relationships, so we aim for a consistency, so you can get to know the youth, and they can get to know you

Do I need to have relevant experience?

No – just a heart for Youth, a willingness to get involved, and open to growing your skills

What type of person are you looking for?

We are looking for people who are committed to caring for the Youth and wanting to journey with them in their faith. This may look like someone who is warm and loving, willing to get stuck in and put the Youth first as they listen to, engage with and lead them through the sessions

Do I need to have been a Christian (or at Gas Street) for a long time to sign-up?


What will I get out of being part of this GS Team?

We hope that you will find relationships and connections within the wider Gas Street Youth Team, as well as have opportunities to develop understanding and skills with working with Youth. Not to mention the privilege and joy of journeying alongside the Youth through their teenage years

James Brumwell