What is involved in being a part of this GS Team?

A regular Sunday in the day of the life of a Gas Street Kids Team member would include arriving at 8:15am for team brief, set up and praying with the wider Church before welcoming the kids at 9:30am. Then there may be games, stories, crafts, worship, prayer which we’d love for you to assist the Team Leader in facilitating. There will also be opportunities for you to grow in leading as you become familiar with Gas Street Kids. Then we do it all again for the 11:30sm gathering!

We also have GS Team Nights twice a term which is a fantastic chance to get to know others within the team better and receive input and guidance on how to maximise the Sunday sessions

How often do I serve as part of this GS Team?

We ask for GS Team members to serve once a month, on the same Sunday each month (i.e. first Sunday) at both 10:30am and 4pm gatherings where possible

Do I need to have relevant experience?

No - just a heart for Kids, a willingness to get involved, and openness to growing your skills

What type of person are you looking for?

We are looking for people who are committed to caring for the Kids and wanting to journey with them in faith. This may look like someone who is warm and loving, willing to get stuck in and put the Kids first as they listen to, engage with and lead the Kids through the sessions

Do I need to have been a Christian (or at Gas Street) for a long time to sign-up?


What will I get out of being part of this GS Team?

We hope that you will find relationships and connections within the wider Gas Street Kids Team, as well as have opportunities to develop understanding and skills with working with Kids. Not to mention the privilege and fun of journeying alongside the Kids as they unpack who God is

James Brumwell