What is involved in being a part of this GS Team?

The Hello&Welcome team is responsible for the experience of our church and visitors during Sunday gatherings. This team comprises many of the key functions that make our gatherings happen. They are the first point of contact for people coming through the door, or provide information on the church and our weekly programs, acting as connection points into the life of the church. They provide warm hospitality through chatting to people, serving tea & coffee, taking care of the flow of people in and out of the auditorium, and helping with the running of the gathering. They are also on prayer teams, or may just be lending a helping hand with some of the support needed for our pastors or guest speakers.

How often do I serve as part of this GS Team?

On a Sunday, team members serve in a morning (9:30am and 11:30am) or in an evening (6pm). With regards to frequency, you can either serve once every two weeks, or once every three weeks. For team members who wish to serve but need more flexibility, we offer an ad-hoc team.

The Hello&Welcome Team usually arrives 75 minutes before the first gathering begins for preparation and pre-gathering prayer, and usually are finished clearing up & resetting the building by 30 minutes after the final gathering finishes.

Do I need to have relevant experience?

No experience required! We will provide all the information, tools and training as you go. Just bring a smile!

What type of person are you looking for?

Anybody who loves serving people & hospitality, or people with strong organising & administrative skills.

Do I need to have been a Christian (or at Gas Street) for a long time to sign-up?

No; it’s common for people to become part of the Hello&Welcome Team after a few weeks of starting to come to Gas Street. It’s also a fantastic way for you to meet new people and get connected - both within your team and in the wider church community

What will I get out of being part of this GS Team?

You’ll build friendships with people on your team and in the church and get to partake in the buzz of pulling together a Sunday gathering. You’ll receive training in skills needed for the job in our termly team training sessions. And you’ll be a key part of what God is doing here in Gas Street: so many people have found home here because of the warmth of the welcome they have received

James Brumwell