Creative Media

What is involved in being a part of this GS Team?

The Gas Street Creative Media Team are the visual communicators of our church. Our Photographers and Videographers capture gatherings and events to show what’s going on in the life of the Gas Street on Social Media and in other forms. Our Designers represent our brand by creating our graphics for Gas Street Social Media, gatherings and other Gas Street events. If you have any creative experience, we’d love to hear from you!

How often do I serve as part of this GS Team?

We ask our Photographers to serve at a minimum of one gathering each month, but there will be additional opportunity to serve at mid-week events including GS Groups or conferences etc.

Our Videographers serve ad-hoc on projects and events when required. Our Designers work either individually or as a team on various projects as and when required

Do I need to have relevant experience?

Our Photographers and Videographers would need to own their own camera and have a strong knowledge of and experience in taking photos, plus a good eye to set up and capture creative and aesthetically pleasing images

Our Designers need experience in graphic design, including using software such as InDesign and Photoshop, and be able to work independently from home

What type of person are you looking for?

Gas Street Photographers and Videographers are always interacting with members of the church, so we are looking for team members who are warm and welcoming to those attending our gathering, organised in following the brief for each event, and in editing and uploading images and footage within an often tight time schedule. Team members are required to be able to balance the need to demonstrate the ethos, vision and fun of our gatherings whilst being sensitive and respectful to the privacy and preferences of those attending our gatherings

Gas Street Designers need to be flexible and adaptable with their skills and creativity and be willing to work within the Gas Street Brand Guidelines. An ability to work within a team and to tight timescales is essential to produce the best quality graphics

Do I need to have been a Christian (or at Gas Street) for a long time to sign-up?

No, we are happy for anyone to be part of this GS Team if they have experience within Creative Media and are happy to work within our guidelines

What will I get out of being part of this GS Team?

This team is a great opportunity to use and develop your Creative skills as part of a team who are seeking to be Spirit led in their God given creativity. You will be a part of visually telling the story of all God is doing at Gas Street and in the City of Birmingham

James Brumwell