GS Groups sign-up for the Spring term will go live on Sunday 5 May! Click the buttons below to see which GS Groups are running on each day this term, to give you a flavour of what may be available in the Summer

Monday is GS Team Night. Find out more about being part of a GS Team

What are GS Groups?

GS Groups are an opportunity to meet in smaller groups throughout the week. Over 30 GS Groups run throughout the week, with some meeting at church, some in peoples' homes, and some in other venues across the city. Each group has a different ‘flavour’ or theme so there really is something for everyone!

Why should I be part of a GS Group?

GS Groups are a great place to get to know people in a smaller setting. We also believe that being part of a GS Group will provide you with opportunities to grow and deepen your faith

When are GS Groups?

GS Groups meet weekly during term-term for around 9 or 10 weeks

How do I sign-up to GS Groups?

You can sign-up to a GS Group at the beginning of each term. Some groups do fill up quite quickly!

If you're exploring faith... try Alpha

If you're new to our church... try Discipleshape

How are GS Group Leaders supported?

GS Group Coaches oversee our GS Group Leaders as a source of support, prayer and accountability each term. They are available to their GS Group leaders for feedback, discussion about their groups and as the first point of contact with pastoral needs 


Hope Plumb


Daniel Burke


Sebrina Miller


Nick Harding


Tom Green

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Geoffrey Sentamu


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