Gathering Times from September

We wanted to let you know about some important changes to our Sunday gatherings from September...

We believe that in seeking to further explore what it means to live out our mandate to be ‘Light for the City’, we must continually embrace this journey as an “adventure” and resist the desire to settle and get comfortable

As a leadership team we’ve been thinking for a while about how we can best position ourselves for increased growth at our Sunday gatherings. We want to continue to create more room for those who don’t yet know Jesus. In light of this we’re planning to change our gathering times to the following:

9:30AM / 11:30AM / 6PM

This would of course mean the end of a 4pm Gathering. There are a number of reasons behind this...

  1. We think Sunday mornings are a more conducive time to invite people to church. Deep in the psyche of the British public is the association with church as a Sunday morning activity
  2. Currently Gas Street Kids is at capacity at the 10:30am, and we’re in danger of needing to turn children away due to a lack of space (something we really don’t want to do), whilst Gas Street Kids at our 4pm has struggled to grow
  3. One final consideration has been the impact 3 gatherings, spread across the whole day, has had on our GS Teams. Many of you have given your time, energy and expertise to be part of a GS Team and we’re so humbled by the way you serve. We would love to make it possible for more people to be part of a GS Team and we believe changing the gathering times in this way will facilitate this

So here’s the plan from September 2018:

9:30am... with Gas Street Kids
11:30am... with Gas Street Kids & Gas Street Younger Youth (Years 7-10)

To go alongside these changes we’re launching a Friday night Gas Street Youth, taking place monthly in the Autumn term with the hope of them moving weekly in the New Year

These changes haven’t been made lightly as we know it will cause some disappointment and disruption for some. We have engaged in discussions with various people and ultimately took it to the Gas Street Committee (PCC) who discussed these changes and unanimously voted in favour

We’d also ask that you would join us in praying that as we make these changes we would see increased growth as new people discover the life and love of faith in Jesus...

Lots of love

Tim & Rach Signature.jpg

Tim & Rach

P.S. Like last year, to give our GS Teams a well-earned break over the summer holiday, between Sunday 29 July-Sunday 26 August we will only be gathering at 10:30am & 6:30pm, and there will be no 4pm gathering