New Christians have been baptised since the very beginning of the Church. It’s a powerful marker of a new beginning, and a way of showing outwardly the changes that have happened inside. You might have lots of questions about this, so please do come and chat with us on a Sunday, or send us an email at to find out more about what happens in a baptism at Gas Street Church.

You can also listen back to Rachel Hughes’ talk on what Baptism is here.

I’m ready to get baptised!

If you’ve decided you want to be baptised (or have recently renewed your faith and would like to re-affirm your baptism from earlier in life), or if you want your infant to be baptised or dedicated, please fill in the appropriate form below.

We want to do everything possible to make your baptism at Gas Street the best possible experience for you, therefore, please give as much detail as possible and our team will get back to you.